Dr. Akil Khan

Founder & Chairman


Dr. Akil Khan, 49 year old doctor and entrepreneur, born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

He has done his MBBS; Masters (MD) as well as an MBA in Healthcare Management and hospital management from Huddersfield UK.

He has obtained various portfolios ranging from top Medical positions, to being an Independent .Director in Major hospitals to being an advisor to key portfolios in healthcare during his career.

His approach towards work has been futuristic, ahead of times and has combined the healthcare and financial knowledge to make his business successful & result oriented and process driven with successful execution of various business models during his vast career over 23 years.

He started his journey in 2001 – 02 working as a Senior Consultant doctor at Sir JJ hospital and at B J Wadia Hospital for children and N Wadia Maternity Hospital, Mumbai.

In 2003, he changed the way Bhatia hospital executed its healthcare delivery model. From a charitable unit it got transformed into a posh private hospital catering to the best in South Mumbai.

In 2006 he moved to Asian Heart & Research Centre Pvt Ltd. Grew to becoming the Chief Executive who launched India’s first Air ambulance service for cardiac patients.

One of the key milestones of Asian heart institute is the nationwide launch of the helicopter based ambulance service for cardiac arrest patients by dialling 126126.

His passion for cycling made him bring the Tour de France event to India which saw 4 years of International cycling races under the aegis of cycling federation of India, Indian Olympic Association and The UCI International cycling in 2010-14.

More 8 cities covered and 1000 professional international cyclists having travelled to India and more than 200000 enthusiasts participated in these events which were focused around creating awareness for Health and Fitness and Zero carbon emission.

In 2011 he launched India’s first largest PPP of Healthcare in Radiology along with the global giant Wipro GE which civered India’s first 52 district hospitals in India.

He has served the Board of Seven Hills Hospital, the second largest hospital in Asia with 3.2 million square feet of space and 1800 beds

He has been a pioneer to improvise healthcare delivery systems and has created various fin tech and mobile platforms which are catering to him lives and are vastly popular within India.

Bookmyhealth, Call Life and Top doctors online we’re examples of his vision that the future of healthcare is in the online aggregator space.

He has been an Advisor to the various hospitals finding themselves in IBC proceedings and has managed to salvage life in such hospitals which includes Sapphire hospital in Thane and Seven Hills hospital in Mumbai and few hospitals in Pune.

His brand of Radiology and Diagnostics- Ubercare and Ensocare cater to both the upper class as well as the needy.

Ubercare is now a 15 centre chain with their multiple privately run radiology and pathology clinics in Mumbai and Pune.

In 2018 Dr Akil entered into the field of wellness and aesthetics which is now successfully running for 4 years and his vision is to set up a virtual Aesthetic clinic brand which has an ln International German product as its core strength. He has structured a Joint venture with Global aestheticmanufacturer from Germany with their brand “AVE & YOU”.

His vision is to explore The Health care horizon by combining it with technology and AI driven tools to match the global needs.


To offer world class healthcare diagnostics services at affordable rates with the approach of “Let’s Do Good...” “wow customer experience


"To make a difference in healthcare." by offering technologically superior diagnostic solutions, and provide services at a rate 50% lesser than the general market price.” Let’s Do Good...” We believe that promoting preventive

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